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An economy's real and financial sectors complete each other in important ways. Financial sector funnels funds from savers to borrowers, who use them to invest in new projects. Through this process economic growth is achieved.

Finance has always been a popular field in Economics, but in recent years it has become even more popular. As a consequence of increasing financial liberalization funds move freely to the countries where higher returns are offered, making the countries more dependent on each other financially as well as commercially. It is now possible to finance investments that used to be financed by mostly domestic funds with international funds as well. The study of this increasing financial complexity and its heightened impact on the real sector calls for graduate level training and specialization in financial economics.

The goal of the MSc. Program in Financial Economics is to provide students with a strong foundation in Economics and Finance, and develop their analytical skills needed to deal with the economic and financial problems that are encountered in modern economies. Program aims to meet the demand for such expertise from managers of companies, financial institutions, and financial regulators.

The medium of instruction in the MSc Program in Financial Economics is English. The program has both non-thesis and thesis tracks. Those who are in non-thesis track must take six compulsory and four elective courses, and do a term project to able to graduate. In thesis track, students are required to take four compulsory courses and three elective courses, complete a seminar course, and write a Master’s thesis.

Students who do not have an adequate background in economics, business, statistics or econometrics are required to take up to three non-credit preparatory courses. These courses are designed specifically for the Master’s program, and are taught during the evening hours like the regular program courses. Students will be notified during the admission interview which course(s) they should take.


Preparatory Courses

Course Code

Course Title



ECON 103

Fundamentals of Economics

3 0 3


ECON 315

Statistics and Econometrics

3 0 3


MAN 123

Fundamentals of Business

3 0 3


Note: ECON 103 and MAN 123 are Distance Education courses.