Welcome to Graduate School of Social Sciences, Çankaya University!…

In today’s global world countries are interconnected more strongly than ever through flows of funds, products and technology. Funds flow to countries with higher return and consumers buy products from those countries that produce at highest quality with least cost. In such a world technological and market oriented competitiveness becomes the most important factor. Being competitive requires creation of innovation-based knowledge and advanced technology. Despite being a relatively new university, Çankaya University has managed to become one of top Universities and it aims to provide an education at world standards through Graduate Programs. These programs help students gain skills they will need to compete in the job market, expand their carrier options and develop their professional networks.

Masters and PhD programs at our Graduate School belong to various departments in three different faculties; Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences and Faculty of Literature.

Master’s Programs

  1. Master’s in Business Administration-MBA (Thesis/Non-Thesis, English)
  2. Human Resource Management (Thesis/Non-Thesis, Turkish)
  3. International Trade and Finance ( Thesis/Non-Thesis, English)
  4. International Trade and Its Logistics ( Thesis/Non-Thesis, Turkish)
  5. Financial Economics ( Thesis/Non-Thesis, English)
  6. Political Science ( Thesis/Non-Thesis, Turkish)
  7. English Literature and Cultural Studies ( Thesis/Non-Thesis, English)
  8. Public Law ( Thesis, Turkish)
  9. Private Law ( Thesis, Turkish)
  10. Marketing and Brand Management (Distance Education, Non-Thesis, Turkish)
  11. Psychology (Thesis, English)

PhD Programs

  1. Business Administration (Turkish)
  2. English Literature and Cultural Studies (English)
  3. Public Law (Turkish)
  4. Private Law (Turkish)


Detailed information about programs can be obtained at Institute websites (sbe.cankaya.edu.tr, en.sbe.cankaya.edu.tr). Lectures are conducted in evenings (except for PhD courses) at Balgat Campus, which is only one-bus ride away from downtown, Kızılay.


Prof. Dr. Mehmet YAZICI

Director of Graduate School of Social Sciences